Case studies of hand painted kitchens in Staffordshire

I regularly document  case studies of key decorating projects that I am involved with. I take before, during and after photos of hand painted kitchens and provide details of the processes and materials I use. This open “teach not sell” approach seems to be the most effective way to explain to my clients that I know what I am doing.

hand painted kitchen

Hand painted kitchen in Oswestry

Hand painted kitchen in Oswestry I run through a hand painted kitchen job in Oswestry Shropshire, witha new gadget that will interest handle fitters. Our latest TP job was a hand painted kitchen in West Felton, Shropshire. From the communication and photos we received, we thought this was going to be a very straight forward re-paint,

Painted wooden kitchen Lichfield

I revisit a painted wooden kitchen in Lichfield in a property where renovations have been going on for most of the year. IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK! No, this is not a reference to Mr G Glitter singing about his return to his old junior school, it’s about a recent visit to a kitchen

Hand painted kitchen Staffordshire

Hand painted kitchen Staffordshire – I explain how I tackled this hand-painted kitchen in Great Wyrley, Staffs.

Hand painted kitchen Hilderstone

Hand painted kitchen Hilderton Staffs – A detailed account of how I prepared this 15 year old luxury marbled wooden kitchen in Hilderton, Staffs, and re-painted it with a traditional oil-based eggshell finish from Little Greene.

I used specialist dust extraction sanders, high specification primers and a judicious use of colours to bring out the best in a beautiful hand-made wooden kitchen that had dated in terms of looks, but was still in first class working order.

Hand painted kitchen Haughton

Hand painted kitchen Haughton Staffs – I explain how I prepared, primed, filled and painted a natural oak kitchen, transforming it with Little Greene oil based eggshell (Slaked Lime – mid).

Hand painted kitchen Lichfield

Hand painted kitchen Lichfield Staffs – I hand painted a wooden kitchen which had been refurbished by kitchen specialists Pure Style of Lichfield. I prepared, primed, filled and finished it with Little Greene oil based eggshell. The client was absolutely delighted with their “new” traditional hand-painted kitchen.

Refurbish a waxed pine kitchen

Hand painted kitchen Nantwich South Cheshire –  This account of how I refurbished a waxed pine kitchen provides some interesting insights into a time served decorator’s approach, mixing the old ways with the best of modern, especially the paint, a water-borne Feelings Furniture satin matt finish from Tikkurila .

Hand painting fitted furniture

Fitted furniture in Tixall Mews, Staffordshire  –  This article on painting fitted furniture with Tikkurila Feelings Furniture paint is a good illustration of how decorating can enhance the look of a less than beautiful feature in a room

Lichfield kitchen and pot noodle

I run through a small job, a hand-painted kitchen in Lichfield recently. I take my craft very seriously, but I decided to give everyone a taster of how I spend my break times product testing the culinary delights you can rely on to get you through a hard day’s painting a SMALL LICHFIELD KITCHEN .