Case Studies of wood finishing in Staffordshire

I regularly document case studies on Traditional Painter of decorating jobs involving wood finishing in Staffordshire, and provide details of the processes and materials I use. This open “teach not sell” approach seems to be the most effective way to explain to my clients that I know what I am doing.

osmo on oak veneer

Osmo Hardwax Oil

I wrote a thorough account of how to use Osmo Hardwax Oil on new, bare timber around the home. I also mentioned Osmo Top Oil, specifically for worktops. I recently had a question from Margot von Muhlendahl, who is based in Munich and works as a consultant on decorative projects involving color.

Osmo oil

This article is about the uses of Osmo oil for treating wood. I have picked up a great deal of indepth information to share on Osmo oil on interior timber, worktops and furniture over the last couple of years.

Osmo hard wax v mylands earth oil

I did a long run of hardwood veneered doors recently, and was able to get a good feel to compare his favoured Osmo Hard Wax Polyx Oil v Mylands Hard Wax Earth oil. We are often asked to try out new things by suppliers. Some are most welcome, others not so.