Case studies of wallpapering in Staffordshire

I regularly document case studies on Traditional Painter of my work wallpapering in Staffordshire, and provide details of the processes and materials I use. This open “teach not sell” approach seems to be the most effective way to explain to my clients that I know what I am doing.


Period property wallpapering in Tamworth

A lot of the original ceiling papers in Sycamores House were kept but the walls in the rest of the house was wallpapered in a variety of different styles, from hand prints to owl patterned, to supaglypta and Lincrusta panelling which we painted to match light oak!

Hanging Farrow and Ball wallpaper

Hanging Farrow and Ball wallpaper You know how it is, you wait for the bus then 3 come along at once! Well after my little set back, thanks to Mr Farrow and Bobby Ball, the F&B paper I was due to hang turned up. Not only that one, but some more for another room at the old vicarage…

Wetherspoons mural wallpapering

A mural at Wetherspoons refurb in Rugely, Staffs I show off my paperhanging skills in an intimate drinks venue in Rugely. The (non) parlour painters amongst us occassionally get asked to do something a bit different, so when I was rung by a company in London last week, asking if I could hang a mural at Wetherspoons refurb.

Lincrusta restoration halifax

This article is about a Lincrusta restoration project at Thorpe House. I am one of 3 approved Advanced Lincrusta Installers at Traditional Painter and at the end of August 2012, I found my self answering a request from Lincrusta training manager Andy Sarson.

Correct tub paste

I hang a lot of fine wallcoverings and I am careful to specify the correct wallpaper tub paste. Solvite Light and Luxury to the rescue on this short notice job! Last Friday I had a last minute call to hang some wallpaper. It was for an interior designer who I do a bit of work

Paste for Laura Ashley wallpaper

This article is on which paste to use with Laura Ashley wallpaper. I was hanging some Laura Ashley paper the other day, and the customer had purchased their own paste from Laura Ashley.

Hanging murals in Wetherspoons Hotel in Corby

After hanging murals in Wetherspoons in Rugeley Staffs last year, we were again asked to hang some wall murals by AFI ART LONDON at the new Wetherspoons Hotel in Corby, Northamptonshire.

Wetherspoons  Corby wall mural

Wetherspoons are currently converting the old Westgate department store in Elizabeth Street, Corby and part of the development is a twelve bedroom hotel.

As usual, the pub chain like to use old photos of the local area or the buildings as they once were. Just like at Rugeley, large wall murals depicting local history were required on the walls of the hotel rooms.

In Corby we were going to be hanging murals depicting the history of the local steel industry, the old town and the old Westgate dept store, which is going to house the new pub and hotel.

So myself, Matt and Dan went down to paper twelve walls in the bedrooms varying in size from 3m – 6m width and a height of 3.4m.

All the paper murals were supplied with accompanying photos of how they should look when complete, plus a plan of the rooms.

Wetherspoons  Corby wall mural

They all went up a treat, even though the site itself was unorganised chaos, as usual.

Wetherspoons  Corby wall mural

The pub was due to open mid November and the hotel part of the building was almost complete at the time of writing.

We have installed many murals for commercial and private customers, and would be happy to talk to you about your next project.